Tent Rocks south of Santa Fe

Other Services

Diaper Laundry Room

Stash Deep Clean

Is your cloth diaper stash in serious need of a refresh? Let us restore the absorbancy of your cloth diapers with our stripping and sanitizing service.

Up to 40 Pieces - $25

Every Additional 20 Pieces - $5

1 Week Loaner Diapers - $15

Replace Your Elastics

Diapers stretched out and leaking? We'll replace the elastics and give them new life.

Thigh Elastics - $4/diaper

Thigh and Waist Elastics - $6/diaper

Diaper Elastic

Wash Your Stash

Have a stash of diapers you absolutely love, but don't want the hassle of washing them yourself? Let us wash your diapers weekly. We'll pick up and deliver directly to your door. Two full weeks of diapers are necessary for this service option.

Diaper Covers and Wet Bag


(minimum 4 week sign-up)