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Why Cloth?

It's Green (yes, really)

The average baby uses 2,500 diapers in their first year of life. With over 7,500 births in Bernalillo county every year, and 4,000 diapers in the first two years of life, that's 30,000,000 diapers entering Albuquerque landfills every year. 30 million! Best estimates say that each one of those diapers will take  250-500 years to decompose. Not to mention, each disposable diaper releases methane gas, which traps heat from the sun 28 times more effectively than carbon dioxide.

Cottontails strives to make our service as environmentally friendly as possible. Here's how we reduce that footprint as much as possible:

1) An efficient washer. At Cottontails, we use an industrial washer which allows us to use less water and wash in fuller loads. The washer's ECO Technology allows it to use 15% less water than other industrial machines. This comes out to around 60% of the water used to wash cloth diapers at home.

2) All natural fabrics. Our diapers are made of either 100% cotton, or a cotton/hemp blend. These fabrics have a smaller carbon footprint to produce than synthetics.

3) No waste service. Your diapers will be delivered to you in the same reusable pail liner you'll return them in. If you opt for cloth wipes, your entire diapering experience will be waste free (even the tags we mark the bags with are reusable.)

4) Line drying. Because our wash system fully sanitizes the diapers, we're free to take best advantage of the Albuquerque sun to dry our diapers. We aim to dry at least 50% of our diapers without using electricity.

If you'd like to further reduce your footprint, try out our hemp diapers, which require less water and energy to produce.

cloth diapers in Albuquerque sun
commercial washing machine

Other Perks of Cloth

It's Gentle on Baby's Skin

Disposable diapers are filled with dyes and chemicals which can be hard on baby's skin. Allergies to these chemicals can result in severe diaper rash and the need for constant application of diaper cream.

Dollar Bills

It's Affordable

Buying eco-friendly disposables costs about $0.45/diaper.

Actually composting disposable diapers costs about $0.58/diaper.

Our service starts at only $0.31/diaper.


It's Cute

There's an endless selection of diaper cover colors and prints. Our diapers will work with them all.

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