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100% Pure Lanolin (100 g)

100% Pure Lanolin (100 g)


Lanolin is a natural sheep fat obtained in process of cleaning wool. It’s a perfect moisturizer- you can use it directly on your skin. Many new mothers use it at the beginning of breastfeeding, as it helps with cracked nipples.


Lanolin is also an essential ingredient of lanolin wool treatment, that we need to make every so often to make wool covers waterproof and antibacterial.


How to make home made lanoline wool treatment:

Dissolve one teaspoon of lanolin and one teaspoonful of soap flakes (soap helps to dissolve fat in water) in 200ml of hot water. Prepared lanolin and soap solution add to bowl of lukewarm water. Put clean and dry wool cover inside for around 4 hours.


After the treatment wool cover will be sticky. This is normal event and will disappear after 1-2 uses.


- Pure pharmaceutical-grade lanolin

- no additives

- Fragrance and preservatives-free

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