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Disposable Inserts (La Petite Ourse)
  • Disposable Inserts (La Petite Ourse)


    Composition: lining: 100% rayon made from bamboo | interior: 27% sap, 73% wood pulp

    Dimension: 11 cm x 28 cm Absorption: 14 oz (415 ml)

    Pack of 30 disposable inserts


    Disposable inserts are great alternative when you’re on the go, travelling, going to daycare, or any other event where you might need disposables.


    Fun fact Made from wood pulp and contain a small amount of super-absorbant polymer (4g per insert compared to disposable diapers which contain 20g).


    Disposable inserts guide

    Note that the disposable insert is compatible with any cloth diaper type. Place the insert in the diaper cover or any other cloth diaper model. If you are using a pocket diaper, please place the insert above the pocket so that the insert is against baby’s skin.

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