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Puppi Merino Wool Cover
  • Puppi Merino Wool Cover


    Puppi's wool cover is an outer part of a cloth diaper which is supposed to keep the moisture of absorbent insert inside the diaper. When it's time to change the baby's nappy - we change the absorbent insert inside the diaper (or the fitted diaper), and we hang the wool cover for airing. It will be ready to use at the next diaper change.


    Care instructions: hand washing using wool shampoo. Ventilate after each use. Detailed information about washing you will find in the leaflet joined to your cover.

    Newborn size covers fit up to 10 lbs.

    Mini one size  covers fit from 10 lbs to 21 lbs.

    One size fits from 15 lbs to 30 lbs.

    One size + covers fit 22 lbs and up.

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