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How Does Our Wash Work?

If you've ever washed cloth diapers at home, you're probably familiar with the difficulty of developing a good wash routine. You have to pay attention to water hardness, detergent amounts, and washer fullness. Miss any one of these elements, and your diapers start to stink, or worse yet, repel the liquids they're supposed to be absorbing.

Commercial Washer Extractor

So how does Cottontails make sure your diapers are clean? It all starts with our machine. Though not much bigger than a household washer, our commercial grade washer extractor can exert 400 G-forces, allowing it to force water through and out of multi-layered diaper inserts, assuring that the insides are squeaky clean just like the outsides. Our detergent is different too. Instead of using a combination of soap and water softeners, Cottontails uses a wash solution which changes the pH of the water to help draw out soil. The diapers are then sent through seven different wash cycles, including water hot enough to kill microbes and sterilize each diaper. At last, the water pH is returned to proper levels to be placed against your baby's skin. We preform a pH check to make sure the diapers have been washed properly. Our entire process is designed to make sure your baby has the cleanest, safest diaper possible, without any of the stink or repelling you might get at home.

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