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The Anatomy of a One-Size Diaper

One-Size diapers are the standard of the cloth diapering world. After all, whether you're trying to save the environment or save money, the fewer diapers you have to buy, the better. But different brands have different feature, and until you know the lingo, it can be hard to understand what you're looking at.

Rise Snaps- These are the set of (usually) two lines of female snaps and one line of male snaps that let the diaper be resized as your baby grows. By shortening the length or "rise" of the diaper, these snaps reduce the size of the leg openings.

Leg Snaps- Depending on the construction of your diaper, this is either the bottom snap on your diaper tab, or the snap furthest out. This is the snap that largely determines how tight the diaper sits on your baby's leg.

Waist Snaps- The top or innermost snap on the diaper's tab determines the tightness of the diaper around your baby's waist.

Crossover Snap- A female snap on one of the diaper tabs which will accept the waist snap of the opposite tap, allowing for a snugger fit on skinny babies.

Velcro Catch- Also known as a "laundry tab", this soft square of fabric sticks to the rough velcro during the wash, keeping the velcro from grabbing on other fabric.

Gussets- The elastic that forms the leg opening. Diapers have either single or double gussets (one or two strips of elastic per leg), with double gussets being slightly more expensive, but less prone to leaks.

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