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It's All About that Fit

The number one way to keep from dealing with leaks with your cloth diapers is to make sure the diapers are fitting well. Here are some quick tricks to getting the best fit possible:

The Right Rise

The diaper should come up over the entire butt, and sit at the bellybutton or slightly below.

If the diaper isn't able to cover the entire butt comfortably, the rise can be lengthened using the front snaps on one-size diapers.

The Thigh Fabric

Fabric along the thighs should be tucked into the underwear lines, and not left sitting on top of the thighs.

Thigh gussets should be tight. When removed, a small compression mark (similar to that of wearing socks) is normal, and does not indicate that the diaper is too tight.

Excess Rise Fabric

Extra fabric from snapped rises should be pointing up, not down, to minimize gaping at the waist.

A Comfortable Waist

The waist shouldn't dig into baby's skin. Three or four fingers should fit easily between the diaper and your baby.

What are your tricks to getting a good a great fit with your cloth diapers?

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